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News about STC Industries.

30 years of STC!

Well, December 2016 has come and has almost gone. And I almost forgot that it was in December 1986,30 years ago, that Fred and I, along with our dad, took over as owners of this company. A big anniversary for us and, I would say it seems almost like yesterday, but that wouldn’t be correct. I honestly don’t remember much from those days and that’s probably for the best. What I do remember was that those were not exactly the best (read “profitable”) times. We were barely making payroll week to week. There have been an awful lot of water and metal chips under that bridge. But we’re still here, Continue Reading

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An added layer of security

We take security pretty seriously. We respect our customers’ trust in providing us with proprietary information, such as drawings and specs. We understand the importance of keeping such intellectual property secure and away from prying eyes. We take document control very seriously. And we respect our customers’ need for confidentiality when visiting our corporate web site. So we’ve recently implemented ssl encryption. That means that when you visit out website: Our SSL certificate guarantees you are at STC’s genuine website, not a spoofed one. Any data transfer is encrypted through our certificate. So you can rest assured that when working on our web site, it’s genuine and it’s confidential. And Continue Reading

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Preferred Platinum Supplier Award

Northrop Grumman has awarded STC Industries Platinum Preferred Supplier Status.  This is awarded to suppliers with an exceptional quality record.  It means that our quality is so reliable, our products need no customer receiving inspection-they go right from receiving to the plane or inventory, saving the customer  substantial overhead. We’re honored to have received this award and are pleased to have our integrity confirmed. Our relationship with Northrop Grumman is a long one, going back into the 1960’s when it was “Grumman Aerospace”. During the height of our nation’s race to the moon, we were proud to have been chosen to build parts for the Lunar Excursion Module, or “LEM”, Continue Reading

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