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STC Industries; now a woman-owned small business.

We’ve recently become a woman-owned business. But nothing else has changed; Fred and Paul still run day to day activities, manage and maintain quality, oversee operations, no differently than it has been in the past. No changes in personnel, no organizational chart changes. There will be no change in how things are done here.  Though ownership has changed, the quality, integrity and culture here at at STC will remain the same; we still love creating high tech, hi quality machined parts and we still love making the best parts, the best way we can.

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Quality vs. Integrity

This morning an email from a customer was brought to my attention. Excerpted: “Please keep bidding on contracts too.  We need good suppliers like you that make us look good!!!!” It’s really a good feeling when a customer acknowledges your effort. We really try to make not just compliant parts,  but we try to make the best parts we can. The aerospace industry, which we are part of, is a vast community of skilled, dedicated and highly trained professionals that do the kind of work where a defect can have fatal results.  A good quality system is essential for making sure that risks are minimized when sending things and people Continue Reading

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