Quality is our culture

When it comes to quality, we’re the experts.

Everyone boasts quality. Truly few have the expertise to deliver.

We’ve been in machining for 60 years and we’ve been machining in aerospace for over forty. You don’t last in aerospace if you can’t do it right and do it right consistently.


Quality is in our culture. Everyone here knows that “good enough” is just not good enough.

When you’re parts leave the building you’re guaranteed that they’re built exactly the way they were meant to be built.

Our inspection capabilities range from standard measuring equipment (micrometers, calipers) to full blown surface inspection and analysis on our CMM, with the expertise to back it up.

  • AS9100 Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Numerous customer approvals and awards
  • Fully capable inspection department
  • Guaranteed Quality