One of the principles of lean manufacturing is to maximize returns on the resources that you already have. It can’t be denied that adding automation, artificial intelligence and robotics can help in maximizing your return, however it’s important to leverage the resources that you already have at your access in order to stay Innovative and competitive. This is one of the prime functions of lean manufacturing, and more times than not the simplest tricks can make a big impact on production

A simple example. of this in CNC Machining is the use of (or lack thereof) macros. Every modern CNC controller has these tools, yet few shops utilize them. Spending some time digging deep into those manuals to understand the use of macros can reap huge benefits.

This is the simple short macro that I use regularly to check an angled on a machine. Every machinist is familiar with using an indicator to straighten a part or vice on a machine however this is typically done only along one axis. With this macro, I can provide only two values entered in the variable table to indicate any angle for any distance. The value of this small program will become obvious to the cnc operator with use and will demonstrate the world of possibilities made available with the simple but powerful tools  already provided on your control all you need to do is learn them.










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